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After several years of accumulating tools and having less than ideal ways to store them, I finally decided this would be the year for a proper tool chest.

My last "tool chest" was an old GI foot locker that I had picked up at a yard sale. It held all of my tools, but it was greatly lacking in both form and function.

I had read several articles and books on tool chests and was nearly set on building a traditional floor chest based on Chris Schwarz’s book, The Anarchist’s Tool Chest.

Ultimately I needed something that would be fairly quick to build, so I settled on the Dutch tool chest featured in the October 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking (I recommend picking up or downloading a copy if you plan on building this chest). Not only was this chest surprisingly quick to build, it holds a ton of tools and put many different hand tool skills to the test.

The Dutch style chest features a slanted top, which will keep me from piling items on top of it. The top storage area has plenty of room for my primary bench planes, backsaws and a rack for holding screwdrivers, layout tools and other odds and ends.

The lower compartment, which resides behind a fall front, holds a roll of chisels, joinery planes, moulding planes, a mallet, a hammer and more odds and ends.

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