These are usually known as “Flip Top Tables” but my version uses an offset pivot point so a much taller drill press sits lower when it is rotated up.

Cost was about $130.

My design was featured in “Americas Best Home Workshops 2009″, a Wood Magazine publication.

The Problem

In early 2008 I upgraded a generic 10 inch drill press to a new Delta DP300 benchtop version. The Delta took up about a quarter of my work area. It is 34 inches tall and weighs about 80 pounds. Not exactly portable.

New Drill Press.

Later that spring, an eBay opportunity resulted in acquiring this DeWalt 733 planer.

New DeWalt 733.

But my shop is in one corner of a garage and I didn’t have a place to store the planer. It is 21 inches tall and weighs about 84 pounds.