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  Gabon Ebony and English Boxwood Razee Jack - part 1 1 of 17  

Having discovered a good source of this fine rare wood, I decided to make a series of woodies.


Dimensioning and bed pocket roughing

I had thought to make a wedge-mouth mitre but in discussions with Ollie Sparks we both think this species too brittle to cope with a 20 bed... the rear mouth will almost certainly chip out.

The stock is 2x2" so when squared carefully. I managed to get 50x50mm out of it.
I always build planes around the iron to hand and have for a while wanted to try the Ron Hock 1.5x4.5cm double high carbon job. It just looks to be a beautiful weapon of choice.

Razee planes are also one of my favourite shapes so I thought I would make one but with smaller dimensions than the longer jack.

The idea is to make an open rear handle of English boxwood and fit it using a sliding dovetail as a show feature.

The wedge will also be of boxwood accented with ebony and also an end grain strike button will be added as a contrasting element.

After taking most of the rough surface off the fine Bridge City block plane was tried for the first time with one skid to keep it square.

This really is an astounding tool!

The single skid really helps.

Once dimensioned, a 5mm long reach bit was used to start the iron pocket. It is undersized so any inaccuracy doesn't matter - it will be refined later.

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