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Made a Plow Plane by Zach Dillinger

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A while back I got an early plow plane. It exhibits some characteristics of 18th century English plows, but it was unusable.

Zach Dillinger

I wanted to be able to use that style of plow. So I made one to fit my full set of Ohio Tool plow irons.

I started with some air-dried walnut that I got from a local farmer. He sells through one of the antique malls. Split out the body (easier than sawing) and planed it flat and square. I copied the layout from the example plow and drew it on the body.

A few minutes with a 1/2" center bit, a 3/8" shell bit and some chisels got me here:

After finishing off the body, I worked on the fence. I don't have any pics in progress, but here is a shot of the arms and the still-square fence in place on the body.

I then molded the fence, copying the model. The ovolo was carved with a paring gouge and then smoothed with a round plane.

The rabbets were cut with my Huntsman Late Moon fillister plane and smoothed with my LN shoulder plane.

I then started on the skate. I didn't have any steel of the proper width, but I did have some nice copper plate.

One of my favorite things about woodworking is using non-traditional materials in traditional projects. So I used it to make the skate and the washers for the arm rivets.

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