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Testing the “Richard Tomes” Memorial Infill Panel Plane
by Jim Hendricks

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Jim Hendricks




This week I finally had opportunity to get the plane tested by Douglas Coates of Coats England who is not only one of this country’s fine craftsmen in wood… but a good friend and a very honest critic of things wood in general… so I knew his views during testing would not be sugar coated!

His workshop in the heart of Sevenoaks is ideal for the test because it’s a “proper” workshop... unlike mine which is more akin to the set of Steptoe and Son!

So here is “Richard” ready for testing… sitting next to a rather nice toothing plane from my friend Stewie in Australia… which we were also playing with.

Douglas works predominantly in English oak and so that would be the wood of choice for testing… along with some beautiful figured London Plane which he had. So quite a selection of test wood.

First… to lube up the perfectly flat sole to give it some slick over the cut…this sole is flat to within a few microns over the entire area so it tends to act as a vacuum cleaner when you place it on anything flat!

This candle wax made all the difference and it fair shot along…

Obviously we needed to set the iron a bit…but even with this super coarse cut…

…the 5 mm O1 tools steel iron and 3 mm specially designed cap iron…didn’t even flinch! Veneer anyone?


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