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Building a Razee Jack Plane - Part 1 by Joe Laviolette

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Some of the tools I use
in my woodworking I build myself.

I especially like to build my planes.


Although I built several of them already, I always enjoy every new project.

In this article I will show how I build a Razee style Jack Plane. My plan calls for 14 inches plane with a single, 2 inches wide iron.

I start with selection of the material.

Not everyone has access to thick stock. You can make a perfectly good plane laminating thin boards. This is hard maple I got pretty cheap. I will use a WoodRiver V3 replacement iron for a No.4/No.5 planes. You can buy these at Woodcraft.

The is the iron I will be using. I really like these. They are very thick and take a keen edge. The plane is built around the iron. If you build a plane, get the iron you will be using first.

I cross cut my stock to a rough length first. The plane is going to be 14" final dimensions, I like some wiggle room so I'm measuring to 16".

Mark the boards for cross cutting.

Rough cross cutting. This 300mm Kataba Japanese saw cannot be beat for this task.


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