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Want to learn how to use a sash fillister? by Zach Dillinger

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This question came up recently on one of the woodworking forums I frequent.

Zach Dillinger

I took a few photos demonstrating why you need a sash fillister for sash work. It doesn't see much work outside of that specialty, but it can come in handy for moldings.

The glazing rabbet.

The molding (ovolo in this case).

Sash requires a glazing rabbet and a molding profile. The molding goes on the inside of the window, the part that faces the interior of the house.

The rabbet is cut on the outside, so that the "ugly" putty and visual heaviness of the square edges goes outside the home. To achieve a good looking sash, it is important that all the moldings line up perfectly.

A good looking sash joint.

Learn how. Discover why. Build better.

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