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Making a Spill Plane - Photo Essay by Darrell LaRu

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I had volunteered to be do a pole lathe demo for my daughter's third grade class and I thought it would be nice to give some memento to each of the kids, but I'm not nearly fast enough nor skilled enough to make anything like that on the pole lathe.  All I can do is make shavings, and what good are they, they're just detritus. But there is one kind of shaving where the shaving is the intended result, rather than a by-product: spills.  I found this article by Herb Kean for inspiration:  Spill Planes

There's not a lot of construction detail there, but for someone who builds a lot of Roy Underhill inspired stuff, there doesn't have to be.  I'm documenting this after the construction, so you will have to bear with me, and use your imagination for some parts of the process.

You will need some 3/4 stock for the fences, and some 6 to 8 quarter for the plane body. Mine was 8/4 beech planed down to about 7/4. Some more scrap for a wedge, a plane iron (I used a #3 sized iron, which provides barely enough width to handle 3/4 stock) and some screws.

Square up the stock for the body, and then select your reference corner. This is where your face edge and face side meet. Set a bevel to about 55 or 60 degrees (I used 55) and strike a line across the stock. This is one side of the blade bed.

Lay the iron along this line, and mark the other side of the bed. While you're at it, trace across the cutting edge too.

Now strike a line from the reference corner across the end of the stock. This should be between 10 and 12 degrees, for the wedge.

I used a pencil gage and a square to take the end of the wedge line across the offside edge. Now you can mark off the waste you need to remove for the bed.

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