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Making a Panther Head Saw Handle Prototype by James D. Thompson

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To start this project, I found the original patent drawing and printed it out. I then took the print-out to Kinkos and had them enlarge it to the correct size.

I wanted 3 patterns, just in case I broke or damaged one in the process. I glued 3 pieces of 1/4" plywood together at the corners, then glued the pattern onto the top. Notice that I located the centers of all the radii and marked them.

I bored out all the marked radii with Fostner bits.

Then I cut out my patterns.

I needed both a plywood pattern and a paper pattern to completely mark the handle. 

I oriented the pattern so that the grain runs fore and aft in the handle. Up to this point the handle has not been planed or sanded.

After boring out the radii, I cut the scrap out.

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