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Kerfing "Plane" MK.1 by Jim Hendricks

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I mentioned how handy it would be to have a kerfing plane (saw) ala Tom Fidgen...



... and I really wanted to use it solely for cutting veneers, so the fixed fence one would be good.

But I want to play with fences, brass rods, turning wheels, and ebony and boxwood.

Doing this one first allows it to be a prototype for the handles, testing of the Japanese blade and generally practicing. As can be seen from the first photograph I tend to make mock-ups of things I've never made before, the second one is usually the best!

For Mk.1 I have chosen a rather nice piece of quarter-sawn English oak simply because of its stunning flower. It will look outstanding!

"Richard", my infill panel plane started life in mahogany. The prototype is now a paperweight!

I don't like plans on paper... too much faffing about... straight on wood is fine.

18th century curves... the little violin maker's curves I had are brilliant for this.

Most tight curves are standard imperial drill sizes.

Some tinkering to do with the front hold, but it is getting there.

The position of the front hold roughed out but I need a more pleasing design. Maybe a scroll?


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