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I never had the desire to make a saw handle until I read the articles by Charlie Driggs and Andrew Lunn on this website.  Excellent creations.

My hand saw spare parts consisted of two blades, a set of split nut hardware and a recessed warranted superior medallion with an eagle.  The best blade of the two to fit a customized handle was the Spear and Jackson with a nib. The blade did require a restoration.

I decided for the handle design I would use a style similar to a Woodrough and McParlin.  The "Panther Head Saw" has always fascinated me.  I decided to carve a ram’s head on my saw handle project.

Choice of wood was the next step in my project, I chose Basswood.  Straining several minutes to remove from storage a piece of basswood 3 inches x 8 inches x 17 feet I managed to use granddaddy’s trusty Warranted Superior handsaw to remove a piece 16 inches in length.  Back to storage and by this time I am questioning myself.  Do I really want to make a handsaw handle?  My desire prevailed.

For this project I used the following tools and materials. Powered tools are a necessity at my age.


  • 10” radial arm saw

  • Scroll saw (hand held)

  • 6” jointer

  • 1” belt sander

  • 12” band saw (re-saw stock)

  • Oscillating spindle sander

  • Thickness planer

  • Pocket knife, carving knives and chisels

  • 10” band saw (scroll blade)

  • Drill press (required tooling)


  • Emery cloth

  • Wood conditioner

  • Sand paper

  • Red mahogany stain

  • Scotch Brite

  • Gunstock Tru-Oil

Squared rough stock. When I re-saw stock I like to saw with a straight vertical end.

Jointed one edge. Jointed edge down to position stock 90 degrees to saw blade.

Re-saw to avoid stock waste.

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