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  Big Ripsaw and Crosscut Saw Project by Dominic Greco

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I wanted to build a full sized rip and crosscut saws for a while now. Until recently I didn't have access to large widths of 0.042" steel. But that changed and I was ready to work.


Dominic Greco

Along with that steel I also picked up a Beverly Slitting Shear. This little gem allows me to cut spring steel like it was paper. Now that all the pieces were in place I decided it was time to layout a rip and cross cut saw prototype. I used AutoCad to design the saw plates to meet the hang line of a couple of my favorite saw handles - the Wheeler Madden & Clemson as well as the old Disston D-7. Once I had these laid out I printed out the plans and went to town on the saw plates.

Using a trick I picked up from Isaac, I used blue painters tape to provide a background for my marking lines. Then it was a simple matter to get the slitting shear set up...

... and start cutting. It went a lot easier than I would have thought! It was a lot like cutting paper.

It only took me about 10 to 15 minutes (really took my time here) to cut the saw plates to size.

After that I spent some time smoothing out the edges and curves with a combination of files and my grinding wheel.

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