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  Making a Saw Handles by Ray Gardiner

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I live in Victoria, Australia.  I am recently retired and have a passion for old British saws, with particular interest in the history of saw making firms.  I have a website at http://www.backsaw.net to share historical information relating to saw makers.

Since retiring I have been spending more time making tools, than actually woodworking, so far I have been concentrating on making a few saws, an infill smoother, and a few other bits and pieces. The saws I make are for friends and relatives.

My woodworking consists of making furniture of various types for the family, my wife (a fanatical quilter) two sons a daughter and three (so far) grandchildren.


Ray Gardiner

Victoria, Australia

This is a tutorial of how to make a saw handle,  I will probably refine and update as time goes by, however for anyone embarking on this process for the first time, it's a good idea to first review the existing on-line literature.

The most often quoted reference is Leif Hansen's Backsaw Project at http://norsewoodsmith.com/node/68 I recommend downloading the .pdf file as a general reference.

The second one is Tim Hoff's two part How to make a handsaw.

Tim now has a blog which can be found (the saw handle making part) here.

There are no doubt other tutorials I have missed,  if you let me know I will link to them from here.

A good site to also check is http://pedder-altedamenauskiel.blogspot.com/ Look for "Griffbau"=Handle Maker  in the links section.  Here are the links...

Thanks Pedder for the links.

This is part one of a multipart series that will cover making the back, making the handle and sharpening. The first part is making the handle. A downloadable pdf of the handle making process (much the same as this page) can be obtained from http://www.backsaw.net/SawHandles101.pdf.

I bought my split nuts from Mike Wenzloff (http://www.wenzloffandsons.com) but you could make your own from 3/16 threaded brass rod and 1/2 brass rod, using Leif's "Poor Boy Split Nuts" from here -  http://www.norsewoodsmith.com/node/108.

Personally, I love the split nuts from Mike, they are a work of art in themselves.

Now we have reviewed the available literature, it's time to get started.

Learn how. Discover why. Build better.

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