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I finally decided that hanging all my saws from two hooks on the wall wasn't good enough any more, so I started on a saw till.


Dimensions are 24" wide, 40" tall. Basic, open style with slanted sides. The bottom is 6" deep and I will build either two drawers and a cubby, or three drawers.

Material is all Southern Yellow Pine from HD and I have decided that it will be 100% hand cut everything (I usually cave in and use the TS for rip cuts and cleaning up the ends). Last night I got the basic shape done and all the dovetails cut. So far so good.

Dovetails fit right off the saw too, which is unheard of for me! Right now I'm all about slightly long dovetails. I love the look... Not sure if I'll plane them flush or not just yet.

Now I have to cut some rabbets to let in the back.

... and a bunch of dados for the drawer frames.

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