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Skelton Dovetail Saw Review by Jim Hendricks

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First of all... huge thanks to Shane for the chance to have a look at this fine saw.


And fine it is… as in "fine art".

Before I begin my findings... I will emphasize that I am looking at this mostly from an aesthetic and ergonomic standpoint.

I will leave other to review "making dovetails". I am sure there are some who are past masters at this! However, things repeated stay in the mind after all!

I've spoken with Shane at length... he has a true passion for his craft and the attention to detail is astounding. This extends to the packaging, which when you buy a boutique saw, is sort of expected but often absent these days.

The spring steel plate needs to be protected as it can corrode easily and the saw comes wrapped in rust inhibiting paper. This is good as I keep most of my saws in the stuff and they're never even developed a spot.

Traditional saw making in England has all but disappeared so SKELTON SAWS are important on so many levels. Researchers of historically significant tools will be pleased to know that each saw is numbered.

This is No.10 and further than that... the company keeps a record of each saw... along with a log of the owner. In a hundred years time when someone wants to go back through history, it will all be there, as I know the saw will be.

In use... balance is all important and care has been taken to ensure this saw is perfect in this respect. This is just one of a number of factors which makes the cutting of dovetails a breeze.


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