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  Stringing or Purfling Saw by James E. Price  

Over a period of at
least 50 years I have made many of my own woodworking tools to fulfill special needs.



The best way to describe the tool in the photos is that it is a saw. I know, it does not look like a saw but it is a saw I use to insert wooden stringing or purfling into some of my projects.

I made it out of some scrap mahogany, ebony, a screw, and some brass. One side inlay is ebony and the other one was cut out of an old piano key.

It works better and faster than any string router I have ever used.

The little saw that does the cutting is lunate in shape and has teeth that face slightly forward and backward from center.

The above photo shows it in use with some stringing pressed into the very clean kerf it made.

James E. Price
March, 2015

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