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Making and Using Tools - Chisels, Gouges, and Carving Tools


The Carving Holder



I do a lot of work on bowls and hollow forms.  After one of these pieces comes out of the lathe, it is difficult to hold to do more work on. 



Usually one hand is always tied up holding onto the piece while the other hand tries to do the work.

I just had my machinist friend make me this tool. It is a holder which goes into the tool post on my lathe.  My chucks have a 1"-8 thread and will screw onto this tool.  The adjustments make it possible to tilt and rotate the work in any position.

In this picture of the tool with a chuck screwed on, and it has its chuck key in it.

Next is the whole thing.  With a hollow form held in place I can pierce, texture, paint, anything I want to do.  The piece can be tilted and rotated so any position is easily accomplished.  Hollow forms and bowls usually have a piece left at the base which allows the chuck to hold it.  This piece is often removed by hand when the piece is finished.

Before I had this tool I had to hold a hollow form in my lap to work on it.  This makes life a lot easier.  The original has a plastic handle while mine has a one piece steel handle.  By the way, this is not an original idea.  I copied it from a tool that another turner bought. She told me it cost $150. I like free better.

With hollow form in chuck.

October, 2009
Tips from Old Millrat - James D. Thompson

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