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  Making Scorp by Bret Rochotte

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Here is a pic of a draw knife I'm working on, forged from an old file, with apple wood handles yet to be installed.

I cast the spoke shave last weekend and made the blade yesterday. It makes nice shavings on the end grain of poplar.  Here is an image.


I need fair weather to do smithing or casting, its snowing here today. I need to heat treat the draw knife then push the handles on.

February 12, 2006

I made a scorp a few weeks ago from an old file. I set out to harden it yesterday, must have gotten it too hot and this is what happened when I lifted it from the fire:

So I have these pieces of really hard metal I got in a box of junk at an auction about 25 years ago, been saving it for who knows what. The blades have a bit of taper, kind of like a knife blade:

Green coal smokes a bit. I am a member of SOFA, and I can get good coal $10/50lbs, reason enough to join. I have a small rivet forge I lined with plastic refractory, I set the fire bricks in it to help bank the fire higher and retain the heat. The tire is a pipe cap with several holes drilled in it, so it sticks up too high. Next time I re-line the forge I will use something shallower.

Here is the heated piece and the fuller, starting to draw the first tang:

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