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Non-Slip Hammer Handles by James D. Thompson

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I recently found a nice claw hammer with a wooden handle.  But the handle was grubby and had paint splatters on it, and I like nice handles.

When I was serving my apprenticeship as a Millwright back in then 1950ís some Millwrights had a habit of putting a good looking non-slip grip on their hammer handles.  The reason for this was that we usually worked with greasy hands on machinery, and a non-slip hammer handle was very practical.  I have always liked this grip on a wooden hammer handle, and I just did one and took pictures of the process.

Here is the handle before any work was done. Never mind about the hammer head. I will get to that. :>)


First operation is to clean the handle.

I use a cabinet scraper to remove all the old finish and crud. When it is clean I mark a straight line on 8 locations around the handle.

Next I mark alternate locations on these lines that are one inch apart, with alternate lines staggered.

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