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Making and Using Tools - Tool Handles

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by James D. Thompson




I found these 2 chisels at an estate sale, and I made handles for them.

The top one is a 1" Union Hardware tool, and the other is a 2" KeenKutter. I wanted to see how they would look with tapered octagonal handles which also have a schlagring.

Here's a close up picture of one handle. I kinda like it.

I made a handle for this huge mortice chisel from a nice chunk of ash I have been saving for just such a use.

The Schlagring is a 1" compression nut which I screwed onto the hilt, then rounded off the sharp corners.

Even though he handle is really big, it seems to fit my hand just fine. It ought to take a lickin' and keep on tickin' just like my Timex watch.

These 2 handles were made from Saskatoon berry wood. The wood was sent to me by a friend in Canada. The colors remind me of chocolate syrup poured onto vanilla ice cream.

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