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Making a Compression Nut Ferrule by J. Thompson & C. Myers

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Here is my step by step method of making a ferrule for a chisel or other tool handle using a compression nut for a ferrule. The advantage of using a compression nut is that it is threaded onto the handle, and therefore it won’t come loose.

Start by marking the width of the nut on the handle blank in the lathe. Leave a small amount of excess. This will be trimmed off after the nut is installed.


Measure the small diameter of the internal threads on the nut.

Now increase the size on the caliper by about 30 thousandths of an inch. You will use this setting to check the size of the tenon you are about to turn.

Now turn the tenon to the size on the caliper.

Notice that then end of the tenon has been reduced in size so that it will fit through the small diameter of the nut. Also notice that a lead has been cut so the threads can start nice and straight.

(For those unfamiliar with the word, “lead,” it just means a taper onto which the threads will start.) It is pronounced as “leed.”

Next the nut will be screwed onto the tenon, and it will cut its own threads.

Cut Here you see the nut just started to thread on.  It is imperative that the nut be straight. If you start it crooked, it will not straighten out.

I use a pair of channel locks and a wrench to screw the nut into place.

Once the nut has bottomed put it should be nice and square.

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