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Drilling, Lathe Works, Boring-Mill Work, etc. by Intern. Library of Technology

The volumes of the International Library of Technology are made up of Instruction Papers, or Sections, comprising the various courses of instruction for students of the International Correspondence Schools. The original manuscript for each Instruction Paper is prepared by a person thoroughly qualified, both technically and by experience, to write with authority on his subject. In many cases the writer is regularly employed elsewhere in practical work and writes for us during spare time. The manuscripts are then carefully edited to make them suitable for correspondence work.

The only qualification for enrolment as a student in these Schools is the ability to read English and to write intelligibly the answers to the Examination Questions. Hence, our students are of all grades of education, and our Instruction Papers are, therefore, written in the simplest possible language so as to make them readily understood by all students. If technical expressions are essential to a thorough understanding of the subject, they are clearly explained when first introduced.

The great majority of our students wish to prepare themselves for advancement in their vocations or to qualify for other and more congenial occupations. Their time for study is usually after the day's work is done and is limited to a few hours each day. Therefore, every effort is made to give them practical and accurate information in clear, concise form, and to make this information include all of the essentials but none of the non-essentials.

To effect this result derivations of rules and formulas are usually omitted, but thorough and complete instructions are given regarding how, when, and what conditions any particular rule, formula, or process can be applied. Whenever possible one or more examples, such as would be likely to arise in actual practice, together with their solutions, are given for illustration.

As the best way to make a statement, explanation, or description clear is to give a picture or a diagram in connection with it, illustrations are very freely used. These illustrations are especially made by our own Illustrating Department in order to adapt them fully to the requirements of the text.

Projection drawings, sectional drawings, outline drawings, perspective drawings, partly shaded or full shaded, are employed, according to which will best produce the desired result. Halftone engravings are used only in those cases where the general effect is desired rather than the actual details.

In the table of contents that immediately follows are given the titles of the Sections included in this volume, and under each title is listed the main topics discussed. At the end of the volume will be found a complete index, so that quick reference can be made to any subject treated.

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