Making and Using Handtools


The American Machinist Shop Note Book by E. V. Suverkrop, 1919



Many of the kinks shown in this book are from your own pen or from the pens of men you have known and worked with.  They are the solutions of problems similar to those that you and I and all other mechanical men bump into.  Few of us have access to a file of the American Machinist, but even when such a file is within reach it is often difficult to find what is wanted.  The object of this kink-book is to preserve in permanent and accessible form selected articles covering work performed on various machine tools.

A book like this is of twofold value:

First It shows exactly how a certain specific job was successfully accomplished.  Unfortunately it is seldom that the other man's device or method can be used by others exactly as it was used by him.  Either the work itself is somewhat different or the shop equipment is not the same. Only where all the conditions are similar can we use the other man's device in its entirety for our work.

Second To a far greater degree is such a book valuable because of what it suggests.  This function of suggestion is limited only by the ability and resourcefulness of those who find their suggestions here.  A kink here elaborated in connection with a milling machine may with slight alterations be applicable to the lathe, drill press or planer.

The field of machine-shop work is so wide that no book can cover it, but the experiences gathered in this compilation can be of great assistance to the ingenious mechanic in suggesting a way out of his troubles.





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