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Elementary Forge Practice by Robert H. Harcourt, 1920


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The purpose in this book is to give the student of forge practice an understanding of fundamental operations employed, it being realized that many applications of these operations can be learned only thru connection with commercial work.

To this end a series of exercises has been arranged. It is not intended that a student be required to make all of them, but there are certain ones which must be mastered before he can make some of those that follow. They are arranged with the intention of meeting the demands of all classes of students.

Instruction should be given on the first few exercises and on those parts of the more difficult ones which may be hard for the student to understand. The writer has found that in most cases a student can make the simpler exercises with very little instruction if given a drawing showing the different steps to be taken.

The subject matter contained herein has been used at Leland Stanford Junior University for a number of years as a syllabus, together with a set of forgings showing the actual steps. Its use has clearly demonstrated the following advantages.

  • Taking of notes during a lecture is partially limited, so that a student has the fullest opportunity for watching the entire demonstration. The text is a ready reference in case he does not remember a demonstrated point.

  • Students are able to proceed with the exercises without much instruction, thus saving time.

  • Students make the exercises better and in a shorter period of time.

  • The initiative of the student as well as his ability to work from drawings is developed.

Many thanks are due to Professor E. P. Lesley of Leland Stanford Junior University for his assistance in reading the manuscript ; to Mr. W. L. Rifenberick for his work on the preliminary syllabus: and to Mr. H. P. Miller, Jr., for his valuable suggestions and assistance in the preparation of the drawings.







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