Making and Using Handtools


Home Mechanic's Work Shop Companion by Andrew Jackson, Jr., 1920

For a number of years past, the author has derived considerable pleasure and has spent a portion of his spare time profitably in a small workshop located in his home. He has been very much interested in trying out many hints and kinks that have appeared in the current issues of the mechanical periodicals, and has kept a note book and made sketches of the many devices constructed that have proven useful about the home and shop.

The most practical and useful of the numerous suggestions tried have been grouped under chapter headings to make for logical presentation and easy reference, and the many devices illustrated and described cannot fail to be helpful and suggestive to men of mechanical bent.

The construction of a shop bench and the items of tools and supplies that will be found useful in making light repairs to the home and its furnishings are considered because it is believed that many men who are about to establish or amplify small workshops can obtain suggestions that may help them from the experience of the author, who is not a mechanic by trade, but just a self-trained handy man who likes to use good tools in "puttering" around the house.

Many light repairs have been made at a material saving that would otherwise have called for more expert, and needless to say, more highly paid mechanics than the writer.

Any man or boy will find that a knowledge of the use of ordinary tools for working wood and metal will come in handy in many ways, and provide entertaining and profitable employment for time that is ordinarily wasted.

New York City.




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